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Is there no point in taking Slicing instead of Underworld Trading if you're going for cybertech? I know you also get cyber schematics from Slicing, and I kind of like the idea of having slicing for flashpoints and for all the extra money, but if Underworld Trading is really important for Cybertech... then I guess I'm stuck with that. Anyone with experience have anything to say?
You need both Scavenging/Underworld Trading for mats. Underworld Trading and slicing may both provide schematics but slicing does not give mats.

You need to be able to farm your own mats, especially since Underworld Trading are the rarer mats (Scavenging are the normal mats). So you won't be self sufficient as you will ahve to buy them and buying them will be expensive.

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Diplomacy really for Biochem? Isn't splicing kind of necessary to build credits early on and other features?
It only provides mats for Biochem, therefore it is Biochem only.