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01.15.2012 , 03:39 AM | #213
Didn't know where else to rant.

Don't have the changes people want in this game pertain to something SWG ALREADY had? I miss SWG. People say this game is better, the only way I can see it is is for casual players who literally do NOT have more than two hours at a time on, as you could get a fair amount done in SWG in two hours, and the voice overs. It had quests. No, they weren't out at launch, but they were there, and more diverse than the ones in this game. And hell, Legacy was one big *** long quest from 5-55/60ish. Sure, it got boring (NABOO), but it was an interesting story. Kashyyk was a themepark. I never did like it as much as I did the other planets, but I liked it.

It had player housing. It was nice to go into random peoples houses and leave them a mail telling them you liked their decor, then getting a mail back thanking you. To have a house on a mountain side, with windows, just sitting and chatting with your friends in the house, and watching the sun set.

That may be part of what I'm missing too. The feeling of community SWG had. Sure, you'd ride your speeder around Tantooine, out in the desert, and rarely come across someone, but if you wanted companionship, it was as easy as going to Mos Eisley. Or Coronet. You could hit up almost anyone to help you. In SWTOR, I've run people through a few FPs, but it doesn't feel nearly the same as helping someone in a SWG instance. I'm sorry, but so far, NK Necrosis as a Ent buffed Dark Jedi was harder than these Flashpoints. I'm not max yet, but is there anything that can compare to the DWB? Where even experienced groups wiped, after the AI re-upgrade?

I also miss the openness.. Even the vast deserts of Tantooine rarely felt...empty. There was always something. And the things that made it more real, like on Naboo. Little things, like butterflies flitting among the grass, or leaves floating down from trees. Or even a Sandstorm on Tantooine. Things that made it more than just a game. Things that made it like a second home.

I have alot more to say, but I guess it's comparing apples to oranges. A sandbox to a theme park. Even WoW was less themeparkish, at least to me. And no, not current day OMGSOPOLISHED WoW either. This game feels like someone tried to splice KOTOR and an MMO, which I guess is what resulted. It has all the grindiness of an MMO, with some OK story-telling. I'm trying to like it, but....I don't really like the carrot-on-a-stick way of playing. I keep finding myself just wanting to get to the next level. Why? To get to the level after. Why? To get to fifty. Why? To get the best gear. Then what? Wait for the next expansion or level an alt. Oh, but you can enjoy the AMAZING STORY TELLING. (spoilers) Yeah, I figured out by the time I was 25 on my SW that Baras would betray me and I would have to kill him.

I don't know. I just miss my old house and my Chuba.