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Eternity Vault is on the same level as hutt hospitality. If you're republic, You go to where the robot is that gives the quest for D7 and the hallway leading to eternity vault is in the middle of that wall. Just follow that hall to the right and you'll reach the zone in.

Eternity Vault is a OPS with multiple bosses + trash. Karagga's Palace is a OPS with trash and then 1 boss (more coming next week) in an arena.

You can do them with 8 people, or 16.

You form an OPS by inviting someone to group and then (assuming you're the group leader) right clicking your own portrait and finding the dropdown that says "convert group to operation."

As far as how to get groups for it, there are multiple ways to get groups for OPS. Here are a few (you can mix and match ideas):

- Join a guild that has a bunch of level 50's who like to play in groups.
- Ask in general chat on your fleet station to join a group for Eternity Vault or Karagga's Palace. Be sure to advertise whether you heal, tank, or dps.
- Open up your social window and type "50" in the search tab. Often times if you're persistent you can meet new people by sending whispers to strangers asking if they want to group with you for something.
- Try to find a group of regular people who play the same time as you and run a flashpoint or 2 with them every day or a few nights a week. You'll get to be a regular team of 4 people and it's much easier to fill out an OPS group when you're starting with 4 people who you know.