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sorry rickyard i also left out with the nge came the new classes. at first there were a lot of classes that had subclasses, crafters would break down into armorsmiths, weapons, vehicles, furniture, architect, etc . same with medics, scouts, brawlers, rifles, pistols, all these classes had at least 3-5 sub classes. you could mix any class you wanted choosing all the skills you wanted making everyone able to be a custom character. nge made it so you got on, and you were a bounty hunter or spy or medic, etc. not to mention one awesome function was that bounty hunters could also hunt real players for a paid bounty.
Thanks a lot, ruby, I am sure I have been lucky enough to quit star wars galaxies when still was a great game, perhaps a curse, as I haven't seen the bad part and in my mind still is perfect. I really loved sandbox.