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The heroes of the movie were aim botting and other sort of hacks...

Other than that, yeah stormtroopers got bad wrap because we couldn't have the heroes of the movies get hurt, wounded, and otherwise defeated by lowly minions right?
This..this..a million times this. People fail to realize the cliche rule of thumb is that heroes always hit dead on, don't get hit or hurt by non main antagonists. the only time the miss or get hurt is to elevate them for a plot point that comes immediately afterward.

Thus why many people do not give credit to the stormtroopers (and Imperial military in general) the credit they deserve. Though i want to slap Lucas every time I think of the fury victory on Endor...that took hero auto win waay to far in my book.

The armor, the skill, and the weapons they had were actual pretty good when you remove the hero factor.