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I posted this in a thread where the subject was brought up:

Quote: Originally Posted by Me
Companion need would just be a different way for people to abuse the system.

At the very best it is useless, so why would it help?

My trooper wears heavy armor. My trooper's companion wears heavy armor. Your smuggler and their consular wear medium and light armor, but your companions both wear heavy.

What is fixed here?

If they lock out the need button so that only people who's character can wear the gear can press need, then I can press need and you guys can't. Whether I use the gear for my character or my companion, I am the one that gets it if I want it.

If they do not lock the button out, then what good does it do? The trooper could pass on it, the smuggler could choose companion need, and the consular could decide to roll need and that's that.


Easy to say they should add it, but no one has presented a system wherein such a button would actually do anything.

And remember, there will be times where there will be no active companion, so you can not tie it to any such animal.

Whatever else you figure out, eventually you come to a point where everyone has 6 companions and companion need just becomes the new greed, and the same people that will roll need for a companion now will still roll need then, too, whenever possible.
If someone can get beyond the idea and start demonstrating how this actually helps then it is worth listening to.

No one has been able to do that, though.

They act as if the existence of the button will somehow transform Jawas that need for everything into caring group members that want the best for everyone.
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