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01.14.2012 , 01:36 PM | #1
Last night we did eternity vault.. needless to say super buggy... whenever we went back to kill Gharj, he would kill random people as soon as the speeder landed.. every time.. also randomly if you tried to re-enter the dungeon while a wipe was occurring, you would have to re-clear trash because the instance would permanently lock you out.. anyways despite all this the biggest bug was predestined loot.. what the hell!

We had 2 consulars and the consular loot was always assigned to one not the other.. how can you fixe predestined loot? anyways we set it to master loot to see if we could solve it. IT ONLY MADE IT WORSE when loot dropped the master looter could not assign it because it was predestined so we had to watch is rot there! Later that night we tried everything to get it out and finally found a Workaround.

WORKAROUND:make the person who needs to get the loot the op leader. and then they can loot it.

Anyways Bioware i hope you know about this bug and are working on it i posted this here so people can get there loot without a ticket. hope this helps! and does anyone know how to get the loot to not be predestined?