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No, im nit sure i do fully understand. Thats why im asking.

Is it true that orange pieces only as good as the mods? Is there no reason to roll on an orange piece once you already have one, except to crack the mods? If thats true, then at some point, once you have all orange pieces, you pretty much need anything that has even a single mod upgrade for you, and the actual slot piece becomes irrelevant, making the stat comparison popup mostly useless.
Yes, once you have an orange piece (say a head), the only reasons to roll on another orange piece of the same slot is because you want the mods or because you like the look. An orange piece with zero mods has zero stats.

This is not true for purples though. They have mods, but they also have some kind of "invisible mod" that you can't remove, that gives them some stats.
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