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More detail, because we cleared the place half an hour ago and it's still fresh in my mind.

1. Tank under one hexagon panel, everybody else under the other one.

2. When he does Bulwark Smash, the tank is instantly stunned. Stun breaks don't work. Somebody else has to interrupt that, quickly, or the tank takes a series of blows for 1700-ish per second followed by a big shot (4000??) at the end of the channel.

3. When he does Bulwark Burst, back off. Way off. Butt to the wall, under the hexagon panel. Further. All the way to the wall. Yeah, that means you. Yes, I know it screws up your camera. Do it anyway. You take no damage if you're on that wall, and 3-4000 if you're standing a couple feet out.

4. When the green shield goes up...stop. Relax. Enjoy. Hear that? It's the sound of your healer topping you off and regenerating while Bulwark stands there being a lump. Once you're all maxed out (even wait for cooldowns, if you want) then hit the panel and resume whomping on him.


5. His aggro is a little flaky. I was able to hold other big guys very consistently for this group, but Bulwark would break off me periodically and have to be taunted back. Be ready for that.

6. If someone is standing too far away from him, Bulwark starts doing the red-circles-on-the-floor **** and we don't want that. It's possible for this to happen on the pull, if the tank uses Force Leap or Storm and the others get caught at range. So tanks, don't. Yeah, I know it gimps your initial threat burst. Sucks. Do it anyway; it keeps your healer from getting whacked like ours did on attempt #2.

7. He alternates Bulwark Burst and Bulwark Smash, which you might find helpful when planning Smash countermeasures like tank cooldowns and interrupts.
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