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Thanks, which Flashpoint should I start with?
Maelstrom isn't... too awesome. The fight is a bit buggy on Daksh. My guild started farming Taral V first, then went to maelstrom. Taral V has a very tight enrage timer on General Edikar, that's the toughest part. Well, Hasper is bugged a bit, but can be downed. Jeez, we're behind on our videos but we do have Maelstrom Prison up:

We have the footage for Esseles, Taral V, and Directive 7 HM in our archive and are about to put them up, but our EV runs have been getting in the way. Also, the first few bosses in EV are doable, they're on par with HM flashpoints imo.

TL;DR- Taral V--> Maelstrom(with a good tank)---> then Esseles or D7. Haven't done TFE or BFI, but TFE seems easy, just a dps gear check on HK.
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