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01.14.2012 , 02:09 AM | #5
okay so maybe this will be helpful, i tried this place on regular and get slaughtered with pugs in 30 seconds on bulwark,
went into heroic with guildies, 1 shotted it easily,
the trick is
1: the 2 panels just need to be clicked one time on each side of him to make the shield go down, u dont even channel it u just punch it and it dies...
2: if you cc a repair droid, it will despawn if not broken, frankly this isnt even needed if your dps are good
3: try your best to interupt bulwark smash (sometimes my jolt doesnt work, not sure why but neither does it matter)
4. make sure you dont have anyone in greens or with an IQ below 20 and your pretty much set to go, if you hit the enrage timer i suggest doing something easier.

its honestly that easy.