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exactly, that was the inspiration behind that one. Thanks for the compliment.
Heh, you captured my favourite two pet peeves in TOR.

"I'm sorry master - please don't deactivate me!" - and he brings me shiny-purply things.
"Eh, that was easy". Yes, naturally, my minion, showing up with nothing is easy, imagine you that!

And then I'm in a heated fight, lightsabres and blaster bolts everywhere, grenades. It's madness! And suddenly, my trusty C2-N2 walks calmly up to me, tips me on the shoulder, and shows me some holo of a Huttese dancer.
I'm busy, you worthless piece of crap. Why can I not install a restraining bolt to keep you from a)ever talking and b)ever interrupting me when I'm getting headshot. Go, work some more, and don't you dare tell me about the results. Just deposit them in my ship's cargo hold and shut up.
Blasted droids.

By the way, I do love that "Don't kick the sad puppy"-look of C2-N2 :-).
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