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What is up with the huge e-peen attitudes? There is no proof, at all, for you to claim you are the "best". If you want to help people, you might want to consider changing your attitude, else no one will take you seriously. Not to mention, warfronts are a per server basis, must I say more?

And just an FYI, most people left WoW because of dumb changes they made to classes, and the direction they are taking the game as a whole. Raiding still remains challenging, even after BC, there is a reason a lot of hard/heroic modes required hundreds of attempts to beat.

And just to give you an idea, Deathwing took 300+ attempts for the world first by a korean guild, even hard mode lich king took 200+ attempts. Many more examples can be given.
Look i am not gonna argue with you
just because you don't like my attitude doesn't give you a right to troll or trash my thread..

if you can rad my posts carefully, i said i am one of the best Assassin in TOFN server
i didn't said i am the best assassin in the world..

so stop this silly argument, either profit from my findings and kill your raid boss
or just hang out here and troll peoples posts...

not to mention don't worry i freaking tried soa hard mode more than 150 times...
i had been wiping on that boss past 2 weeks... me and my raid spent more than a million credits on repair.. finally we killed him even tho there is silliy bugs... we can not fix the bugs, but we can at least prevent it lil bit...

all i am doing is trying to help other raiders..

so just move along man.. these are not the droids you are looking for!