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01.14.2012 , 12:43 AM | #3
Seriously, yes.

If anything, for loot. I ran Esseles (level 10 mode) and was doing well. Had a good group, good healing, dps, and tanking as much as you can at low level(all rare for level 10, trust me). Get to the boss, and he knocks me off a ledge on my first attack. My team doesn't notice my type in chat that I died, I respawn outside. Mind you, I'm running this on my laptop since I am on vacation, and my laptop barely hits minimum spec (max 15 fps, when fights start I drop to 8-10 fps, and in PvP I get 5 fps in big fights). Between loading at the respawn (since it is a different map, it is the full load time) and getting back in, my team 3-manned the boss (not too difficult) and grabbed the loot before I died. The worst part? The drop was some nice blue boots for my Trooper. My teammates were Jedi...