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01.13.2012 , 11:43 PM | #8

jesus people...enough already, if its REALLY REALLY that gamebreaking to you, just leave and cancel already, i think they have given this subject enough attention and answers already, they will implement it, as soon as the 1.2 patch, but just because you all keep screaming and posting the eleventieth thread about the subject wont make it go any faster

there MUST be reasons, whatever they are , that they are reluctant to do this, there MUST be deeper issues here that they may not be able to reveal (think about it, if it was so gamebreaking that it causes server instabilty or your character to glitch in some unwanted way , would you really tell the masses so they could duplicate it? )

it cant be that easy to switch on and it cant be some devs personal vendetta to just not let us have it, yall need to chill out and have some friggin patience

PS: to clarify , i do want high rez as much as the next guy, and i do agree this issue could have been handled in a more proffessional way by BW , but im not gonna stop enjoying the whole of the rest of the product jsut because of some grainy pixels, ill just lower my rez to 1920x 1080 and barely notice it 90% of the time while i wait for a fix