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Because the previous thread has exceeded our normal threshold for thread length, we've started this new thread for the community to discuss high resolution textures.

As always, we ask that the community keep the following things in mind when responding:
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We would also like to bring to your attention a follow-up post made by Community Manager Stephen Reid in a previous thread:

Quote: Originally Posted by StephenReid View Post
That screenshot is from a cinematic in-game. As stated, cinematic scenes use high resolution textures because we have control over how many characters are rendered on-screen at once. This is how the game was always intended to look in cinematics. We did not 'remove' high resolution textures - they were always in the game for use in cinematics.

With that said, thank you for all of your responses. We understand everyone's desires around this issue, and although it's not going to be an overnight fix, as mentioned we're working on addressing this. Many of the suggestions you have made are similar to potential changes the development team is investigating...
Thank you and enjoy the discussion!