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Many people are happy with the game and do not wish for a refund because of the high res texture situation. I wish them well. However, some people feel cheated. This information is for them.

I recently got spoke with EA customer service, and got my refund from Origin (it should take effect within 5-10 business days). I calmly explained that the textures used to advertise the game are denied to users during their play experience. The guy on the phone agreed that that could be considered false advertising, and gave me my refund. Took about 20 minutes. Very nice customer service!

I love Bioware, but I won't stand for being deceived. Even if they had the best intentions, the fact that they advertised a game with graphics they deny their users is unacceptable. For those who don't care, I hope you continue to enjoy your play experience. For those who do care, let EA/Bioware know by calmly and reasonably requesting a refund. You'll get it!
thanks man Im going to do this tomorrow morning.

Im excited to get my money back now lol. So happy.