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iPhone games could make a better raid.
Heres our 4 hours of SOA attempts last night.
-We get into our 16 man group and pull, invisible orbs wipes the raid when we are jumping down the second set of platforms.
-Next attempt 2 or 3 of our raiders had the entire world and the other players magically disappear during the attempt, we quickly threw a mark over a raiders head for them to blindly follow.
-More attempts where invisible orbs below a platform blow people up through the floor.
-next few attempts the boss in the final phase was pulled into pyramids and his shield randomly decided not to break so we could not dps him.
-More invisible orb deaths while we jump down platforms.
-More attempts where the pyramids did not break the shield on the boss.
-The melee sometimes just randomly cannot charge into SOA after his shield is broken.
-The mindtrap would just randomly kill people.
So at this point we decide to split into two 8 mans
-Group 1 had the boss choose the main tank for the mindtrap target and that caused the fight to just randomly reset. the boss just disappeared.
-Group 2 kills him and the two people who were in the mindtrap when the boss died could not loot the boss, they got glitched out of the fight and sent to there own phase, loot on the boss had there name on it but they could not get it. Theres no point in opening a ticket because it will take 2 weeks and then some untrained imbecile will copy paste a "thanks for letting us know about the issue" response and not even fix it!
-Group 1 has the world and all players go invisible 2 more times and have to exit area.

So a very simple boss thats very very easy to kill takes us 4 hours, literally the entire time and every single attempt was us fighting bugs. I didnt even mention yet how horrid the ability lag is in 16 mans, atleast EVERY SINGLE ATTEMPT 10+ abilities for our raiders just didnt go off, like the global happened but the ability did not. Thats over 100 abilities that just magically did not go off, my brother who makes flash games can do better than that. A 2 second cast takes over 4 to actually happen, the cast bars are broken. Overall the entire raid experience is BUSTED.

Lastly I know that when people go to college for game design, one of there projects is to make a polygonal object bounce around in a 3-D space. You can buy tons of iPhone games where little orbs bounce around. Bioware is supposed to be a top 5 developers in the entire world and they cannot design some orbs that bounce around to not go invisible and randomly blow people up?!?! Not only that but that game is out for this long and the orbs arent fixed? This is purely incompetent of the developers, just flat out embarrasing. You should all go back to school and learn to make little basic orbs float around a room, or be fired and replaced with people that dont fail at game design basics 101.

For dealing with this incompetently designed busted raid every member of my raid that wasted there time playing something that seems like a few high school kids made as a prank should be refunded there 15 bucks for next month.
We had the same issue with people being stuck in mind traps when boss died, had to wait around 30 extra min to keep getting the in combat res to res them since you still get stuck in combat after boss died, loot didn't go away though so we finally got everyone up to get their loot. Really annoying though.