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What do you do for a living? Let's pretend, if this isn't the actual case, that you work for Mc Donalds making burgers.

Someone comes through ordering a big mac with no lettuce, you're in a hurry trying to catch up on orders and completely forget to take the lettuce off of that orders big mac. Would you appreciate someone coming in and degrading you, calling you worthless, and saying you should be fired? Absolutely not. What should happen in that situation is, the customer should come back in, and say, excuse me, I ordered this without lettuce, could you please fix this for me?

I know this was a lackluster example, and obviously it's not apples to apples, but I hope you get the idea and see my point.

I know you're probably really frustrated but it's never good to write things on the internet when you're upset. Take a bit and calm down, get some ideas together and present them in a calm professional manner.


Give constructive feedback so that it's actually passed on.
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