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Love the comment about being the best assassin on the server. It is really funny because for some reason I keep seeing this sort of comment thrown around in game and on the forums.

Guess what, there is no WOL measuring your pve prowess yet or pvp rankings or ratings either. No one can really have any idea who is what right now. Glad you are claiming "best" already though, /facepalm.

Also love your jab at WOW being for "noobs" and "kids". Yeah, many of us quit WOW to come here, but here is a reality check for you: This game needs serious work to evolve to WOW's level of complexity. The Tier 1 content in this game is dumbed down and super simplistic, probably because there is no mods, no UI adjustments, no meters or combat logs to evaluate, no macros, I could go on and on etc etc.

If you put an encounter like heroic ragnaros in this game with the way it is currently, it would absolutely destroy players.

I don't want to go back to WOW, so I hope this game gets it act together and evolves, because you are right about one thing, the only thing hard about the content right now is the stupid bugs, and that isn't fun or challenging, it is just stupid.
i said im one of the best...
i can put 100 screenshot here with me dominating any type of warzone...
i am the only one who lead pug raid to kill 16 man soa standart mode..
maybe i'm not the best, but im pretty sure one of the best on TOFN server bro

and this is beside the point

i am just trying to help other raiders to kill soa thats all

you can either profit from my experience or troll my post

no problem for me... i wil lstill dominate warozne i will still farm soa