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Edit: I'm on the Imperial Side. You might want to adapt the Flashpoint names if you're rep.(BT = Esseles, BP and the Foundry are the two linked instances about Revan, I gather the Republic has two same-ish Flashpoints)

Operative healer here. I skipped the PvP altogether and now I'm almost fully purple geared just by doing hard modes.

When I got to 50, I've done Directive 7, Battle of Ilum and The False Emperor on normal to get accustomed with the tactics. They also give you some decent blue gear and drop commendations that can be used to buy even more blues from a vendor in the fleet. Said blue gear is enough to start doing the first hard modes.

You should start with BT Hard mode. The tactics are substantially the same as normal mode, but remember that every boss in hard mode has an enrage timer- which means that if your DPS isn't good enough, the boss will enrage and most likely wipe your group if not taken down swiftly.

I would then move onto other flashpoints. BP is easy enough, except for the last boss. He is unreasonably tough, and that can be said to a degree for the Foundry as well. Battle of Ilum takes it a little step forward, and The False Emperor can get pretty hard at times as well. Directive 7 is kind of doable as well, but like all the other hard modes, you need to know the normal modes tactics beforehand.

There is no fixed order - remember that most strategies are exactly the same as normal mode, so there's not much to add to this, except for a very few bosses (BP bonus boss comes to my mind).

As for hard mode loot, every hard mode boss drops purple gear, together with Tionese crystals. The last boss drops a token for a piece of Tier 2 and an Alloy used by all professions to craft their best items. The piece of Tier 2 dropped depends on the boss in question (BT = Bracers , BP = Gloves, TFE = Chest, and so forth). By completing a hard mode Flashpoint and by turning in PvE dailies you get Tionese commendations as well. Tionese Commendations + Crystals can be used to buy Tier 1 gear.

And yes, some Flashpoints require to be done in normal mode before unlocking their hard mode. I'm not sure if this is true for every single one of them.

Hope this helps a little.
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