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01.13.2012 , 12:23 PM | #4
I find as long as you have one ranged dps, who, along with your healer, can avoid all of the damage that fight, only the tank and melee dps will require any healing. This generally isn't too taxing for a healer, leaving you free to stay in and do damage. However, failure to interrupt Bulwark Smash will likely get your tank killed, and at the very least keep your healer too occupied to heal you through Bulwark Burst.

I also recommend staying on a side with a panel (left or right, when looking at him down the hall)

If you just end up with a healer that cannot spare you any time, then back away from the boss when you get low health. If you're as far away from him as the panels are, then you don't take any damage. However, if you get too far from him, his long-range attacks will destroy you (about 15'). You'll still need to move in to interrupt for your tank.