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Has anyone else had trouble with Gharj not resetting? Our first attempt on Gharj was a 10% wipe. Everyone released and we encountered the first of the 2 bugs. We were unable to enter the isntance due to the message that the "encounter was still in progress" even though I watched the boss reset before I released.

So we cleared trash and made another attempt and wiped at 10%. On this trip back we took the speeder to the boss and a majority of us died on the speeders.

The next attempt we got him down to 4%. Upon trying to enter again this time we were hit with the "Encounter still in progress" message. We waited for 10 minutes and the message was still present. We decided to call it quits for the night after that.

Has anyone else encountered this on that boss? Is there any other way around it outside of using the reset option?
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