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01.13.2012 , 11:40 AM | #7
lol is this thread serious? This game needs WAY HARDER flashpoints. Completed all of them already after few weeks. In eq2 it took a hell of an effort to kill varsoon, now THAT was fun !

If they dont increase the difficulty they will start losing players soon, cause theres nothing left to do for maxed chars.

So, l2p or go back to ezpez WoW imo.

Companys **** up most (read: all) new mmos cause of crybabys like you, who claim everything is too hard. And what happens is they start to carebear everyone and make games ezmode like WoW. Not that swtor isnt ezmode... hell eq1 was the only really challenging MMO i remember, and still unbeaten. Until people started crying and they ****ed it up. Same thing happened to EQ2 and i guess WoW was better at the beginning but now it sucks cause everything is too easy.

Damnit i remember when i lost 10% exp for dying, and there were no ingame maps at all. And it was by far the most awesome mmo experience i ever had. So please bioware, if anything, make this game harder please !