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01.13.2012 , 11:34 AM | #19
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ITT: People who have never played an MMO at launch before.

The game has not even been out for a month. At least it is playable, that already makes it the second best MMO launch ever (the first being Rift, which still has its fair share of bugs in end-game... and if you think WoW was stable at release you're just retarded).

If you know what the bugs are and what causes them then you should have no problem avoiding them.
So ya, if you havent got a character lvl 50, or havent tried out this content, i dont think you should comment on issues like this... and if you have both of the above, then you are simply stupid to think its okay these bugs exists.. Would expect the most of these to be fixed at launch, specially since (as someone said) these bugs were discovered and given as feedback at beta.