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01.13.2012 , 11:21 AM | #135
I would on one hand love to see an appearance system, being able to define how my PC looks is one of my favorite things about playing LotRO. On the other hand adding such a system would pretty much destroy the value of crafting in this game :/ if you were allowed to put any gear whatsoever in your appearance slots as in most games.

Maybe if they made an appearance system but only allowed certain social and crafted items to go in the slots that would work. It'd probably have a huge negative impact on mod creators and the like, but it really would be great to see /something/. One of the many great things about appearance systems is that they conserve gear slots and don't require people to carry around extra sets of gear just because they want to change to a certain look. This is essentially impossible with the mod system.

I really like the idea of an appearance system and would love to see one put in game, I just hope that when/if one is the devs consider some way of keeping crafting viable.