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01.13.2012 , 10:54 AM | #8
Apologies - it's mostly my own frustration at the poorly designed encounter. Felt like arguing about semantics. The method I have described is a legitimate strategy for defeating the encounter because it results in unlocking the chest of loot. A strategy that involves positioning half of your raid at each pylon and solving them as quickly and efficiently as possible is not a legitimate solution in every run of the encounter. The encounter hinges upon two mechanics only:

1. The order in which the pylons are solved.
2. Staying alive long enough to solve the pylons.

I mean, sure, there's always room to speed up your completion of the encounter by splitting your raid in two, but that's not even required. Equally, the efficiency in solving the pylon puzzles isn't even a factor at all. People assumed that these would be factors, but they aren't. I mean, it's not really cheesy if, for all intents and purposes, having your whole raid killing all adds at each pylon in turn could in fact be the intended strategy.

Should you be required to handle additional mechanics? Well, yes. And we agree on that. But I wouldn't say this strategy of handling the adds is "cheesy" simply because the encounter was poorly designed and the conclusions about encounter requirements (namely, having to split your raid) that people jumped to were incorrect. If anything this solution is the optimal one for completing the encounter in its current state because it almost guarantees that you fulfil condition #2 every time regardless of raid composition and gear level.