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Was about to pull HM Soa when we asked /1 if anyone was on HM Soa. People replied "yes, but it's broken at the moment." Is this true, apparantly the lightning balls in phase 2 hit from a farther distance and was 1 shotting people. Bad luck happen'd hwne someone being flung around would land right on top of one. Or even somtimes the lightning for me would disepear and lead me into a false sense of security and I would go into cover then instantly die from a wave of lightning. I don't know if this is a bug or if it's supposed to be like this. We just went by what /1 said and after only 3 attempts we went to try HM Bonethrasher. If it's not bugged we probably would have gottent it if we put more time into the fight but we also had a healer in full questing gear, most of us in full champ gear. Also, is HM BT overtuned? We come down after the cutscene and instantly get brought to about 5% where he then seems to wan't to stomp and kill most of us.
He is not bugged. Just a huge curve of difficulty compared to all other fights.

As far as lightening balls, if someone is slow to react they can get "shocked" more than once by a ball, and then if it blows up, that person will die. Awareness is the only solution here.

There is some RNG to the fight like getting thrown up into the air and being brought down on top of balls (especially in phase 3), coming out of mind trap on top of multiple balls, and having your tank mind trapped. Those are just part of the fight, and can usually be over come if they are your only deaths.