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01.13.2012 , 10:31 AM | #5
Level of difficulty wise.. Easiest to hardest I'd probably go;

Black Talon = False Emperor
Directive 7 (Bulwark is a really tight enrage)
Battle for Ilum
Boarding Party = Foundry (Last bosses only)

They're all pretty easy when you've got good players, but just starting out you might hit some ugly gear checks. Bulwark in D7 will ruin the tank when he gets stunned.

The 2nd? or 3rd? boss in Battle for Ilum is pretty dependant on your DPS having AoE that locks the targets down like Death From Above for Mercenaries. He spawns 3 stealthed adds that will obliterate an undergeared tank extremely quickly.

We've been clearing them all for a while now so they're all doable, but Boarding Party and Foundry end bosses are extremely challenging compared to the rest of the content.