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And yet, this "cheesy" way of approaching the encounter works and rewards you with loot. Yet if you approach the encounter logically with a split raid, solving pylons as fast and efficiently as possible... you'll just have them lock up unless you're really lucky and don't get caught up by the unexplained gimmick. The gimmick that will force you to leave instance and reset over and over and over.

Like I said, amazing encounter design. Must have undergone thorough playtesting.

EDIT: "Legit" kill? What makes a kill "legit"? You should be required to solve the puzzle in the optimal number of moves, and solve both at the same time while killing the adds (perhaps with an additional time constraint). It shouldn't matter which order you solve them in for each wheel (or if it does there should be an indication of this somewhere). That would make a "legit" kill in my book, but they'd need to rework the encounter to actually stress a raid in any way.
Pardon me if I'm misreading you, but it sounds like you're trying to argue with me, but I don't see where we disagree on anything. The encounter is poorly designed and punishes you for trying to solve it in what seems like the "intended" fashion, as you describe there. Of course we can only guess as to Bioware's intentions because they don't comment on them like Blizzard does.
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