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This is basically how it goes:

Do lots of pvp (yes, you heard me), do warzones like mad, and also the daily and weekly quests on ilum. All daily and weekly pvp quests can be fund at the pvp mission terminal on the fleet of your faction, more specific, around the combat training part.

These quests, when turned in, give you a bag (weeklies give 3 bags), that give you centurion tokens that you can use to buy centurion gear, that isnt THAT good, but: The bags can also give you a gear token for a piece of champion gear, this is very nice pieces that rivals what you get in hard mode flashpoints. The good thing about this champion token is that you only need one for a piece of gear, I accumulated about 8 or 9 bags and got 3 pieces of champion gear out of it.

You can also buy these bags, hey cost 200 warzone tokens, and 200 mercenary tokens. Warzone tokens you get from warzones (about 50-80 tokens regardless if you win or lose). Mercenary tokens im not sure how to get, its not from ilum atleast, it might be that pvp area on tatooine. But you can buy those for warzone tokens at a 3:1 exchange ratio. So one bag cost you about 800 warzone tokes (600 to exchange for merc tokens), which are about 10-20 warzone games (depending on how many you win).

There are also higher level bags (they are given from the weekly and daily quests as a alternative to the normal bags), but you require valor level 60 to open them, and you can only carry one in your inventory, so its better in the start to just pick the normal bags. Unless you plan on just mashing on to valor level 60 fast that is. The higher level bags give champion tokens instead of centurion ones, and have a chance to give a gearpiece for a piece if battlemaster gear.

With both bag types, be aware that the random chance item you can get is a token you exchange directly for a piece of gear. The "regular" 3 tokens you always get in the bag is just like any commendation in that you need a bunch to buy the gear you like, and most peices cost over 30 tokens.

after you are decently geared (lke a few days tops), you can start steamrolling hard mode flashpoints. You can arguably do this with just level 50 blue gear, but some enrage timers can be hard to beat. HArd mode flashpoints are accessed by talking/accessing the quest giver just outside the zone portal to the flashpoint in question and choosing hardmode instead of normal, these can be run once per day. Also, not all flashpoints have hardmodes (none of the ones at the dropship hangar has hardmodes, the rest do).

You can also start doing 8-man operations at the same time as hard mode flashpoints i think. They seem to be about the same difficuly, but requiring 8 people instead of four. Someone with more experience in operations, feel free to correct me on this.