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01.13.2012 , 10:06 AM | #4
At least half the heroics are far too difficult. I'm not sure where the people on these forums come from (middle school boasting lunchrooms?) but numerous groups I've assembled have disbanded in utter frustration, while at least attempting to use appropriate tactics. I've probably completed most of them, but that doesn't change the fact they're so frustrating as to alienate the majority of casual players (people literally aren't doing flashpoints and heroics because the difficulty is auto-jacked up to "hard," sometimes "very hard," by default.)

"Fall of the Locust" on Taris was impossible with three players who out-leveled the content by 4 levels. We only had one class with a CC, and the mobs weren't possible without 2-3 coordinated CCs. Good night and good luck.

They're all doable but they require the exact right/competent group, and then they can still be frustrating--it's certainly typical to see players only approach heroics when they out-level them by 3 levels (a sure sign they're badly designed.)

Very few of the group sections are casual fun with some challenge requiring coordination (like the single-player content). Somebody at Bioware is going to get fired for this, hope they're not reading this post, but you might want to talk to your boss about nerfing right now before they get the number of disbanded, frustrated groups back.