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You are assuming that the guys at Bioware work on fixing bugs one by one, but that is completely false.

The speeder issue was probably much easier to fix and thus the team (or person) working on it fixed it much more quickly than the ones working on the loot problem. It doesn't mean it had a higher priority.
Well I wish they would add a few more to the team working on the new UI, because as it stands there is barely enough bars to use all of your skills even if somehow we manage use those side bars for skill activations. The UI looks like one of the many things in SWTOR that were simply tacked on so that they could launch on time. That is fine but please work faster to fix the things that really matter like a tweakable UI with different themes for republic and empire, why should they look exact same as in color, texture, etc?

I have been a fan of Bioware games since Baldur's Gate was a brand new game and I own most of their games. Never have I seen a game from them that had more of this "tacked on" feel to it then SWTOR has at launch and still does.

That is fine for an MMO but things like UI simply must be fixed ASAP, it makes this game look well below the standards of what I have come to expect from Bioware over the years. The random companion comments pretty much suck, random conversations in the game suck, has anyone ever felt like they are in the same cantina that Han and Luke met in? Where is the atmosphere Bioware? Please breath some life into this game world....
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