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01.13.2012 , 09:11 AM | #25
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[*]Level one alts do not have the required level for all flashpoints so passing them lead 'should' remove the bug entirely until you catch it again.
It doesn't remove it. It stayed on my lowbe jedi (visible through the Phase Entry when right clicking on the char portrait) unti the servers were reset and stayed contagious.

Also since it is contagious, the person being stuck with it might very well be in no position to use the regular fix to try to guess and enter the correct flashpoint to end the ghost instance because the correct flashpoint is not even accessible for him.

This is a game breaker and I will definitely cancel my sub if it doesn't get fixed with priority. And "highly important" stuff like speeders working indoors for a few seconds being fixed atm does show very well they don't care! So bye bye when my sub runs out!