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I can share what we do.
We split the group into 2 8 man groups and go to each pylon. The folks over at have found a solution/turn order to go from one color to the solution color. I highly recommend solving the turn order before starting. Since on normal there is no lockout we place one range dps on the puzzle at all times. Usually, we are able to solve the puzzle right after the first champion(insect thing).

Things to watch out for: Melee adds have a reflect shield that reflects all damage back, if not more(I think its 200% on HM). The good thing is the adds hit for next to nothing so just move on the the next add. We got counter clockwise while the tank goes clockwise.

Kill range first since they can CC and have NO SHIELD.
The melee and every other add can be interrupted and cced if things get crazy.

We think this is the fastest way to do it and it works very well for us. One thing to note is this encounter can be very difficult if the operation group has low health(12K). Our first attempt about 2 weeks ago everyone was at 12k health and made it almost impossible. After gearing my marauder has 17K health, which makes this a breeze.
Keep at it and goodluck
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