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While I am enjoying the SWTOR game, I am thinking that it is possibly stifling its own community. Currently it is pretty difficult and/or time consuming to form a group for pretty much anything. Even as a tank, I sometimes leave fleet being unable to form a group for a flashpoint.

Anyway, this thread is about the heroic quests. I think it's good that they are in here; in an MMORPG people should be forced to socialise. If they didn't want to, why are they playing an MMORPG? However, it is getting difficult to get groups, let alone good groups, for the 4/5 heroic 4 quests per planet.

My idea is to have only 1 or 2 long and engaging heroic 4 per planet, and to downgrade the others to heroic 2. This way you still get the option of doing really great difficult quests, and since they'll be quite long chains, able to keep your group, but still be able to get some of the other smaller ones done without having to wait 30 minutes to get a group, or, worse still, find that you've done the entire planet and still not done your heroic 4's, and have to abandon them and leave (which has happened to me already a few times).
Best way for you to get groups faster is to find a good healer friend and advertise as Tank and Healer LFG quest name. As a healer I always look for a good tank buddy or two or three so I can advertise for groups with them, when people see that you already have the group half formed they jump at the chance to get in...
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