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01.13.2012 , 08:59 AM | #28
Final edit: problem solved.. i read the rverse engineering sticky and learned a few more things.. especially the green items branching into 3 blue, and each of those have 5 upgrades.. not 15 as i thought it to be the case.


Am i missing something or does your guide not mention that IF the previous (blue) item allready has a certain stat, that it won't add +40 to that stat but only 5 to the purple version?


critical reflex enhancement adapter >>> Supremacy reflex enhancement adapter.
65 aim >>> 65
50 endu >>> 50
29 accu >>> 29
60 crit >>> 65 (instead of what i expected, 40+60=100)
0 surge >>> 40 surge

Personally i think the expert reflex enhancement adapter would be better then.. since it would have:
65 aim
50 endu
29 accu
60 crit
40 surge
40 power

If these stats are right then this looks like a near optimal thing for aim DPS??

imo if you got the +35 from the blue bonus, you will not get the +40 from the purple in that same stat.. (maybe the +35 just turns into +40 when going from blue>purple?)

edit 2:
thanks for your guide offcourse, i have learned a lot from it and it saved me a lot of time :-)