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First of all, this isn't a thread about being stuck on the Ancient Pylons. This is a thread complaining that the encounter is a complete joke with a completely arbitrary solution. If this encounter was playtested, "LOL" is all I can say.

The solution to the encounter is simply to solve the pylons in the correct order. If you solve the Southern Pylon first for the first three rows, and then the Northern Pylon first on the last row, you will unlock the chest (SSSN). That's it, that's the solution. Nothing else in the encounter matters. How fast you kill the adds, how quickly you arrive at the solution to each row - all irrelevant.

When you arrive at the encounter, there is no indication that this is how the encounter works. There is no indication upon "failing" (having the consoles lock up) that you have made a mistake. I'm not even sure if it is a mistake or just shoddy coding. Regardless, having such an arbitrary solution makes the encounter a complete joke. Everyone is capable of killing this "boss" on 16-man Nightmare mode. Here's how:

(Optional) Work out the optimal solution to both pylons.
1. Take your entire raid of 16 players to the Southern Pylon.
2. Click one of the consoles once.
3. Kill all waves of adds - the adds from the Northern Pylon will not spawn yet so you have a full raid of 16 players to kill 3 elites or 1 champion. Needless to say this is really easy.
4. Once the adds stop spawning (after you get 2 champion colicoids) the entire raid can move to the Northern Pylon.
5. Click one of the Northern Pylon consoles. Kill all waves of adds again.
6. Everything is now dead, just solve both Pylons (remember the arbitrary S S S N).
7. Congratulations, you are now pro. Proceed to troll people on the forums who haven't worked out the completely arbitrary solution to the encounter.

The only mechanic you need to be aware of for these adds is that the melee adds use a skill called Force Barrier which puts a reflective shield on them. Interrupt this skill, and do not attack any that manage to cast the shield or you'll kill yourself very quickly (wait for the yellow/orange bubble around them to disappear).

Enjoy your free loot.