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01.13.2012 , 06:55 AM | #133
Add more Goldrecipes not a stupid apperance tab NO NO NO
noeone needs gold amor then, no one nees cyber anymore, no one needs what a bad idea
They can continue to add orange recipes, the team that does itemization would be completely different people from the UI team that would be adding the appearance tab.

As for an appearance tab removing the point of mods and moddable equipment, bull####. DCUO launched with one of the the best appearance customization systems out there (CO is the best at the moment, although they each have their strengths), and yet they just spent the time to ADD a modding system to the game, allowing players to craft and slot mods into their gear. Why would they do that if a good appearance customization system would make modding pointless?

No, that is a completely ridiculous argument, of course adding an appearance tab would not make custom/mod gear pointless. The point of mods is flexibility. rather than having to take what you can get, with whatever drops, or is rewarded, or whatever, you can adjust it to suit your own playstyle. Value AIM over Crit? Then slot +AIM rather than +crit. Value accuracy over surge, then slot accuracy, it's up to you. Get a chest piece at level 30 and the next one to come along isn't until level 35? Just swap out a mod or two, every other level, rather than waiting to replace the whole thing and being five levels behind the curve until then.

Basically, the mod system gives players options, and options are a good thing, but the existence of the mod system is no excuse not to also have an appearance tab system as well, they do two very different things, and each is MUCH better than the other at the things they do well.