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01.13.2012 , 05:22 AM | #12
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Space through the conversations that helps. And stop chatting about usless stuff while running FPs, like most people want to it seems. Focus on doing your job/role and everything runs smoothly.
Yeah, focus on your job !! After all you get paid for it !!
Actually no, you dont.

Sorry, having a bad friday. To each his own.
We do two hard modes every night, we take about 60-80 min, depending on which one we do.
Unless it is a boss fight we talk about useless stuff all the time, we rarely chat though. Teamspeak is a must have for me in group content of some difficulty.

Sometimes we take a break so someone can walk their dog, get a mug of coffee or drive across town cause a friends car broke down.

Sometimes we didnt even complete an FP cause someone had to go. Who cares ?
Levelling and progression is way to fast as it is, i enjoy the company as much as the game and will be around for a while hopefully.

A lot of people need to chill out more, dope should be legal. Would mellow out some people.