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Started playing Republic - level 38 Jedi Guardian, who it pains me to leave - but now have kinda defected to the Empire because I'm on of those people who will (In the leveling phase as least) forsake a better piece of equipment if it looks Sh*te, and Sith Armour looks amazing compared to Jedi Armour (Though the Jedi plate armour looks good i'm yet to find it! If I found that or knew where it was I might go back to my Kira shag*ing Jedi...)

I've found quite a few decent people in the Empire, its just a lot of the Sith that are downright ba*tards. I've noticed one exception and that been the Sith Inq *SMALL SPOILERS*, when your asked to torture someone and you can choose not too and rather than mocking you for been weak he congradulates you on solving the problem using your head or something like that. *END OF SMALL SPOILERS*

If you removed the Sith/Jedi from the picture, its kinda just Order vs Freedom and the Senate p*sses me off soo much...
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