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So frakin' what?

PvPers are always talking about how much more manly they are because PvP is so much tougher than PvE. PvPers can get over not being able to ID someone's class at a glance instead of trying to cherry pick their targets.
Exactly. I have ZERO sympathy for PvPers that have a problem with not being able to tell their opponent a a glance if it gets in the way of my character's customization. Besides, even under the current system there are plenty of ways to craft a misleading costume if that's your goal. If PvP has ANYTHING to do with the lack of an appearance tab then the situation needs to be isolated to PvP content only, allowing for an appearance tab but with restrictions that apply to how you're viewed in PvP, without impacting how PvE players see you.

You more than likely aren't going to get an appearance tab. The most recent dev comments are about making the custom gear system more accommodating. BioWare chose their path a while ago and it includes some visual progression but, doesn't include appearance tabs. I feel they chose right.
The recent dev post does nothing to solve the need for an appearance tab system, it's just more of the same custom gear stuff, which is, at best, a patch.

The issue I have with keeping the mod system as currently implemented in favor of an appearance tab, is that in order to keep the look I want and the stats I need, I'm required to spend thousands of credits taking mods out of new items I get in order to keep my stats up to date without sacrificing appearance.
Yeah, and the costs are a bit silly too. I swapped the mods between two pairs of level 30-ish pants last night, and each blue mod cost around 1500-2000cr to remove, and one purple cost 4000cr to remove, even though it was several levels lower than the blue in the alternate piece, and thus actually had lower stats than the one that cost less than half as much to remove. It cost more just for being purple, rather than for actually providing a stronger effect. They really need to look into rebalancing that sort of thing, so that a purple mod that provides +10 endurance would cost the same as a blue mod that offers +10 endurance, or at most a very slight amount more.