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If you are stuck in mind trap no loot if it is looted before you are free, however we found if you exit the area and then run back, then lemming jump to your death and are then rezzed you can then loot the boss.

However last night we had most of the raid in mind traps or dead at the end. The problem was the 3 people left were all stuck in combat so we could not rez people. One by one we committed suicide to try and drop combat - however we were stuck in combat - so we had a boss with loot in it and everyone dead ( we didn't want to loot until everyone was back after having the bug you had last reset) but we had no way of getting from the top of his room to the bottom alive so he went unlooted this reset

As per usual the CS team have not answered tickets and when they do it will be along the lines of "we are sorry you had a problem, there is nothing we can do we will not refund or change item issues. Thanks for the report it has been sent to the correct department - we are now closing the ticket"

They need to extend the speeder route to the bottom of the room after Soa dies, or they need to add a lift - as it is at the moment is just stupid, even without the stuck in combat bug.

Repair bills are already stupid expensive in this game wihtout having to do lemming jmps to get your loot after already dying once.
I had this exact problem today. I was assigned the Columi Main Hand Lightsaber but I was in a mindtrap and when I got out I was bugged. Of course, I exit area but there is no floor nor does the speeder reach the end as well as no one at the bottom with a battle rez as we were in combat. I opened a ticket about it and hopefully I can get the item restored, but without a fix, it makes SOA impossible to loot sometimes.