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01.13.2012 , 12:56 AM | #9
We had loot issues on SoA last night aswell. Exacly what you say: people in mindtraps cant loot. But we just had them exit area and run back before we looted and it was no issue.

I do have an issue with the randomly assigned loot in EV in normal. It is really annoying when you are running it as a guild. One guy got 3 prices for his JK, and the other JK there got nothing. Please remove the random loot assignment -or- make it an option for RL.

Other bugs in EV: if you die during the secound boss fight, you cannot complete the weekly. It will actually bug for you, so the next week you cannot complete it either unless you droped the quest, and then reaquired it.

We also has issues with people that where alive whtn soa died (and not in mindtraps) that did not get their "EV-quest" completed.

Bugs like this are just fustrating as hell, and it should have been fixed in beta.