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1) Ancient power sources.. if you do not destroy them 1 by 1, boss bugs and he is stacked with 3x buff.. this cause 100% wipe at phase 3 .. solution for raiders: kill ancient power sources 1 by 1

2) during phase 3 if a player is killed by the damage of the orange cone boss bugs and he instantly goes back to invul.. solution for raiders: do not get killed by the orange cone until they fix this issue

3) boss sometimes mind traps the tank during phase 3.. result is encounter reset ..solution for raiders: exit area > restart the encounter

4) the boss rotation is so simple and boss does not use some sort of auto-attack > because of that the raid must stop dps in order to avoid whirlwind/mindtrap during phase change p2 to p3.. this causes to raid hit enrage timer during phase 3... enrage is like a joke, boss dmg is same but whirlwind instantly kills the player... either enrage timer must change and tuned or the boss should stop casting CC abilities after 34% or 32% ..Solution for raiders: use 2x dps on mind traps and let melee dps stay on the boss during phase 2, stop dps aorund 32% if boss casting CC ability, don't worry about balls they can be evaded during jump phase

5) 8 man nightmare mode mind traps has 200k hp like a joke.. consider current pve t3 weapons, who the hell is gonna dps 200k with champ weapon? solution for raiders: since the nightmare loot and hard mode loot is same, just farm the hard mode

6) Heal threat and Damage threat is not seperated.. this causes 2x healer to be CC'ed by the boss at the same time.. it means GG in the mmo dictionary... this is the first mmo i played the endgame raid boss totally RNG solution for raiders: expect worse hope for the best.. unfortunately no client side solution, except keep 1 healer always use anti-threat ability let dps never use anti-threat ability, 1 healer should use anti-threat ability only

7) Lightnign ball spawn points are totally random... Lightning ball spawns and stays in its position for around 4-5 sec than it moves to a player... Sometimes 3x lightnign ball spawns in same point, sometime soa puts the mind trap next to that spawn point... this means GG also.. i am assassin and my bro is assassin tank, we deal with 3/4 of the balls but because of this random spawn points our job is becoming so hard.. should i dps mind trap, should i go get the balls, should i go and nuke boss? Solution for raiders: Hope for the best, if lightning ball is spawned next to mind trap, explode it instnatly before the dps reaches there.. i generally hang out free mode during p3 to deal with this RNG ****, i am an assassin

8) again with the lightning balls sometimes they go invisible i don't know why, they can be targeted but they are invisible.. don't get me wrong i am one of the best assassin's on TOFN server and my bro is also Assassin tank, we deal with almost all the balls in this encounter, yet even we can't deal with the balls that we can not see.. Solution for raiders: Preferences > Controls> max camera distance to 100% ,, than always watch mini map, figure out where they spawn.. try to deal with em before they go invis... free player during p3 should do this.. suggested class is assassin/shadow

First of all before fixing anything, the threat must be seperated... heal and damage threat on same bracket is totally noobish.. ok i understand most of the bioware devs are wow fans but this game is nothing compared to wow raiding.. don't get me wrong i quit wow before wotlk... wow is for noobs and for kids.. maybe you guys should try to copy Rift lil bit.. even tho people claim rift is wow clone at least their developers can change the boss mechanics without even applying a hotfix to server...

I do not believe Bioware properly tested the raid content before the patch...

I think Bioware must select some hardcore raiders to test future raid instances before they release it...

Good luck

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