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Did, no such luck. We had a counter outside of the two clickers. He would count out "1, 2, 3, Click" to the clickers. The south would click on 3, the north on "Click." All messages and lock in indicators fired in the appropriate sequence. The terminals would just cease to function. We got to the last chevron one go round, but it bugged out on the last turn of the north pylon. T.T
Not the south has to click before the north. Has to solveeach level before the north. Let the south solve completely the 1st ring and be the initiators of the fight. Then the north...etc. You dont need to do any kind of a countdown, even on hard/nightmare the mobs are easy takedowns, so when the south has solved the first ring let the north do it. Once north does first ring have south solve 2nd ring, and so on.

Also I would recommend splitting into 2 8 mans. Alot less buggy.
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