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Alright Bioware. I love SWTOR don't get me wrong. I already have 12 days /played but these raiding bugs. Are really getting to not only me but my guild, we spent two days, 4 hours each night on 16 man droid. Now we aren't the BEST guild but random one shots are NOT okay. Especially when it spikes from 10k-22k, we were ok with this we wiped for 8 hours together and pushed through, got him to 3% (which is 1%) and then the next 4 attempts we got nowhere near.

RNG is RNG on that boss. But it turns out it's a bug. Droid is doing double dmg on hard mode. Ok, i'm alright with this. But then, we do two 8 man groups and guess what. We one shot HARD mode droid, one shot NIGHTMARE gharj, and then we get to Pylon. Oh Pylon. Let's just forget the fact that the normal 16 man adds are actually a fun challenge to deal with but it's still i'd say a 10% difficulty on the scale. We set it to hard mode. Laugh hysterically at how easy the adds were, and we tried the lock at the same time strat. Bugged on the second tier cool story that's alright we'll just come back. Nope turns out we have to RESET and then redo trash.

This process goes on for 5 attempts of hard mode the other group is also doing 5 attempts, that's 10 bugged attempts. We tried everything. EVERYTHING. Nope not working, then on the other groups 6th attempt they get it.

We switch to nightmare and laugh at the adds again... But it bugs. This is 5 resets of doing trash over and over and bugs.

It's just frustrating to be honest. I am understanding that this is a new game, and it's only been out for nearly a month. But you had beta LOTS of beta. I'm not saying i'm unsubbing but a couple of guildies are seriously considering unsubbing. I don't want this game to die I want to play it for a long time. I bought standard and collector's edition in support of the game. But these raiding and flashpoints bug are not okay and should not be here still.

I can forgive the random kick you out to character screen warzone queue, i'm ok with the ability lag, i'm ok with the dailies not counting, i'm ok with the weekly raids not counting, i'm ok with the flashpoints not giving credit, i'm ok with every character dissipating whenever I move my camera, i'm ok with the soa being nuts intense in third phase, it was fun and a challenge and i'm glad to say we downed soa 16 man pre-nerf, i'm ok with these bugs.

The above paragraph may or may not be sarcasm, take it as you want.

TL;DR QQ bugs QQ pylon bug is unacceptable if you read the long version I salute you. I just wanted to voice my hopefully not IMMA UNSUB YOU NAO YOU SUCK BIOWARE AND I KNOW HOW TO MAKE GAMES BETTER THAN UUUU.

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