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Congrats, you managed to 'fix the pylon bug that keeps people speeders from going quite as far as it should in EV'. By that I mean you haven't fixed it at all, and I find it stupid that was somehow a priority fix, and not the bug where anyone in a mind trap when SOA dies cannot recieve loot. Bioware... seriously... you NEED to seriously re-evaluate your priority bug fixes. Fix the bugs that are constantly keeping people from getting their well deserved loot, fix the bugs that are keeping people from progressing both in hard modes and operations, and stop worrying so much about whether or not someone might have to walk 200 extra steps.

i reported that bug to bioware couple days ago and they fixed it..
unfortunately they fixed wrongly... normally they should have fix the chest only.. but instead they just let the chest locked and stay in instance.. and pylons unclickable..

the bug was > after reseting the instance you were able to do ancient pylons over and over again and result was everybody in raid with Rakata leggings...

dun worry peeps we did not exploit it.. i instantly reported it...

it was major item gain bug and i'm glad they fixed it..