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Previously we've killed every boss in normal, all but Soa in 8m hard(very close)/nightmare. We started this week off doing 16man normal, only to find that it is improperly tuned and all the drops are not appropriate for the shift in difficulty. We cleared it anyways, up to the 1v1.

The 1v1 is easy as hell, except for the one high damage mob that is champion rank and is unkillable since he has double the hitpoints of his counterparts of same intended style of mob. I don't know if this is an intended design for 16 man normal but none the less we went ahead and killed him by having the other 15 of us finish our 1v1's and then come over and randomly landing shots on the mob every once and awhile.

Moving on to Soa, we get to third phase every time without fail, but once there we encounter absolutely stupid bug after stupid bug. First up is the buffs not being removed from Soa despite killing all the pylons on the way down. This makes for a lovely ae filled third phase that is just a real treat. And when we make it down with no buffs on Soa what happens? Well we land pylons right on his head and he completely ignores them, eventually enraging and wiping out the raid. He'll usually kneel for the first pylon or two, but after that it's been a no go.

We finally get frustrated and say f it and head on over to nightmare 8 man. We obliterate the first boss, only to find zero tier 3 loot on him. Sweet, thanks for that. We sprint off to the second boss where we miraculously encounter no issues! Thanks for the rakata offhand lightsaber guys, wait what's that, oh ilevel 51 mods in it worse than columni. Well I guess it's the thought that counts.

We trudge on now towards everyone's favorite boss encounter the "ancient pylons puzzle." Where you guessed it, the thing completely bugs out on various stages of the encounter. Most of the time it just quits on the second tumbler. We do all the tricks that are mentioned over in that cluster frell that is the thread going on it. We do all the button presses at the same time, we do them all with the south tumbler going first, we do them all in the shortest possible rotations, and we rotate pressers to minimize the overall duration. We've solved this thing before, and we reproduced the processies to perfection and modified tactics when that failed. This thing is just buggy like every other aspect of this game.

Needless to say, the guild is more or less systematically turning against the game's pve content. It is so buggy that it is hit or miss whether you can make any progress. The lack of combat log makes it impossible to troubleshoot, and if it did all work right it would be obscenely easy.