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01.12.2012 , 10:00 PM | #1
Why would you patch your game and not fix the SOA bugs! Stop everything your doing right now and fix this disaster! Get someone in there that makes iPHONE games because they can make orbs bounce around my screen without going invisible and bugging through walls! Your programmers should be embarrased, this is pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!! Im at the point of demanding a full refund, at the very least you should be offering a free month to anyone dealing with your raid that was programmed by a 12 year old kid that never finished 2nd grade. Over 4 hours wasted to bugs so far on the most important part of the game. bug after embarrasing bug, over and over every attempt. Stop, just STOP right now, and fix the raid tonight. Dont go home, you dont deserve sleep while Im paying for this.